MLPIECES Handmade Jewelry started thanks to my love for design and fashion. Since very young I showed interest in a lot of things ART-related. Even though I was very good with numbers and administration I wanted to create ART.

With time, I decided I wanted to create my own brand but still wasn't sure where to start and after a lot of brainstorming, I decided MLPIECES Handmade Jewelry would be the first step towards a bigger dream that I, behind close doors, work on a daily basis.

Once Handmade Jewelry became the goal I started studying books found at Barnes & Nobles, re-search of different brands and styles, crazy drawings, silly ideas and teaching myself different techniques from the Internet. With much time invested in, I've slowly been discovering my own personal taste, style and vision. I know I prefer to see and to wear sober colors usually and lots of metals, ideally in silver.

MLPIECES Handmade Jewelry

This blog will be all about the inspiration behind the MLPIECES Handmade Jewelry brand, the pieces and the process of creating them, among other things.

Make sure to check out our pieces here --> MLPIECES

MLPIECES Handmade Jewerly

Thank you to everyone who has helped me make this dream a reality, you know who you are. To all that have helped create this website just the way I like it and to those who have made me "waste my time" which at the end has taught me A LOT. I think I'm actually only missing how to code by now! and of course,  to those who have made me waste my money, thank you and watch me make it back.

I’m glad you decided to stop by and check us out. I hope you like what you see as much as I do or more! and you get for yourself an MLPIECES and show the rebel in you!



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