MLPIECES Jewelry Studio Miami- It all began like a giant mess, on my bed. And now it has become a pretty cool little studio where I spent so many hours of the day, every single day. Here is where I focus on creating personal, unique handmade jewelry inspired on several things. Music, art and fashion inspire me. I always loved design and fashion, since a I was a little girl and now I'm starting to put in paper my vision. My music I listen to the most is techno and rock. I've never been a very colorful person and my favorite semiprecious stone is Pyrite and love silver so you will see all of these reflected in my designs.

Here you can see a photo of my MLPIECES Jewelry Studio Miami. It's a home-made mini studio which I'm very happy and proud of. It's crazy how many things you can do in small places if you really want to do it and you organize properly.


MLPIECES Jewelry Studio Miami



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Handmade jewelry designer, Maria Pretelt whom also works as a model and actor was born in Panama and is currently living in Miami Beach, Florida.

While in Miami she got inspired to create her own handmade jewelry line. She always had a passion for design and loved fashion so accessories became an good way to start her brand. This is how MLPIECES was born, which means “Pieces by Maria Luisa Pretelt”.

Feeds her design drive with inspirations from people music and fashion. Each pair of earrings and each bracelet and necklace, is carefully handcrafted to ensure each one is beautiful and unique. This is where fashion meets music, art and design and this combination is probably the catalyst of the unique collections which are highly influenced by it and her personal style, characterized by the juxtaposition between two contrasting elements: sweet and edgy.

Our handcrafted designs consist of precious metals, metals, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls, all imported from different parts of the world or found while traveling. Semi-precious stones are natural stones and may vary in size, shape and color. All of Maria’s inspired designs are unique and produced in very limited quantities.

To ensure the beauty of MLPIECES we recommend to open and close the vegan leather pieces with care as it is very delicate. Avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, lotions, water, bleaches, among others. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Do not wear the pieces while cleaning, swimming or taking a shower. When ready to storage, wipe and clean with soft cotton cloth.

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